The huffington post just shared an article about food allergies in school.  It is such a hot topic– why can’t my kid bring a PB & J?? If you’ve never had experiences with food allergies it is foreign and seemly unnecessary. But it’s real. Please, make something else. Save the PB for at home. Just don’t pack it. Just don’t. The risk should not be chanced just because you do not understand it.
I remember being the allergy kid in school, it was not fun and often embarrassing. I couldn’t eat all the fun stuff all the other kids were eating. No pudding cups, no string cheese, no lunchables and  defiantly not a carton of milk. I had my home made lunch (thanks mom) it usually consisted of fruit, probably some veggies and beans. Somehow I could eat nuts so my PB and j was on a rice cake. <Sigh> I remember the inside of my lunch box read, “NO MILK ALLOWED” I hated it at the time, but now completely understand it.

I understand the fear of someone feeding my child something she can’t have, her accidently getting the wrong cup or mixing up the milks. It’s a constant worry. So, if I’m hesitant to leave my baby with you or I give you very strict instructions on what she can and can’t have there is a reason! When I pack food for her when you are keeping her that is all she gets. It’s not because I think you are incapable of taking care of another human, it is because it’s what is best for her. When I call and check on her 100 times in a day, it’s because I worry. I worry for her health. So when you think I’m being over dramatic or think it’s not that big of a deal… Please remember IT IS!! And it’s my babies life and health.

That face.