We did it.. We survived the first year! I knew hazel was special when she was placed in my arms but I did not know just how much she would change my life. She has made me a better mother and person. She has challenged me in so many ways I did not know were possible. Thank you my sweet Hazey for choosing me to be your mommy! Happy birthday little lady!

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We celebrated with one of her favorite dinners (teriyaki chicken and roasted veggies) and some Vegan cupcakes for dessert. Her sister will join her for the birthday bash a little later!

Vegan pumpkin cupcakes for the birthday girl! πŸŽ‚πŸ˜‹πŸŽƒ

Truth: the frosting was awesome. It tasted exactly the same… The actual cupcake. Not so much. Hazel didn’t mind it one bit!
I found the recipe here:

Vegan pumpkin cupcakes

**I subbed oat flour in place of regular flour and rice milk instead of almond milk.

Happy birthday Hazel!


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