First of all… I am not here to give or get opinions. If you do not vaccinate that is fine, this has nothing to do with if we should or shouldn’t. We were vaccinated as babies and our children are vaccinated. We have researched this decision; we space out the shots as much as possible because I do think it is a lot for their little bodies to take all in the first couple years. As far as the flu shot, we just don’t.

The reason this is really a topic for us today is because allergies and vaccines can go hand in hand. As a baby I could not get the MMR (I did eventually) because of the association of the egg, and like Hazel I had a high allergy to eggs. My doctor explained how the virus is grown in cells taken from a chick embryo and many studies have shown children who have egg allergies have no reaction. (explanation of the MMR). FYI, she had the shot today and has been fine. (yay!)

The flu shot… well, that is another story. And, another opportunity for unwanted opinions! Generally speaking she will most likely not be able to have the flu shot because some of the flu vaccines are made using eggs. There are some other options for this vaccine, but we most likely will just avoid this one. (Eggs and flu shots)

Now, with that being said. Vaccinate or don’t, do what is best for your family.

And on that note, the doctor said our little allergy baby is looking pretty perfect!! So, I guess all this hard work is paying off for her! He also did advise no more trial and error on anymore high allergen foods I have not tried yet until she is two. So, no nuts and/ or seeds for another year!


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