I love the holidays. Thanksgiving was my grandma’s day, she lived for that day. I remember watching her as a kid- she made it seem so easy. She made everything from scratch, right down to her pie crust. What an inspiration! I would give anything to cook a meal with her today, but instead we cook in her memory! I remember for years she did something for me I will never forget. She made me my very own pumpkin pie. Who gets their own pie?! An allergy kid, thats who! She always marked it with a “K” so I knew which one I could eat. I felt so special. She had such a way of making us all feel that way. There is not a doubt in my mind, my mom will carry on that tradition for Hazel. A little pumpkin pie, marked with an “H”!

^^ hazel’s crust less pumpkin pie. It’s more like a custard.. πŸŽƒπŸ°

Thanks to my mom, Hazel had her very own potatoes, stuffing and rolls as well!

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I have had a couple of people ask me who will be celebrating the holidays with us, ‘what can Hazel have?’ or ‘can hazel have this?’ Thank you. Thank you for asking. Thank you for believing me. Thank you for keeping her in mind. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. That may seem silly, but it makes me feel good that people consider her! Now, with that being said, it is complicated to cook for her. Just cook what you want, and I will bring her meal with us, and please do not take offense when she does not eat your food. Milk, eggs and other allergen foods are hidden in a lot of different ingredients. The other worry;Β cross contamination. A little side story: we went out to eat a couple of months ago and I ordered Hazel a fruit cup. The fruit cup had apples, bananas and blueberries. I asked for just the apples and blueberries. She was chowing down and I look over and a rash is breaking out all over her face!! Slightly panicking, I am trying to think what she has had all day. I asked the server, who was also panicking, how they prepare the fruit cups and she told me they used the same knife to cut the apples as they did the bananas! Fortunately it was not too bad and went away pretty quickly, but that is how easy it is to have a reaction!

So, when you are at a holiday this year and you want to sneak a little treat to one of the little ones, PLEASE PLEASE ask their parent! You just never know what their little bodies can not tolerate.

This made me giggle… Don’t worry no tofurkey!!