Meet hazel…

She graced us with her presence on October 2, 2014. She was a healthy 8 pounds 2 ounces. She melted our hearts from the moment our eyes met. 

She ate like a champ from day one. She had typical reflux and tummy troubles as do most infants. I watched what I ate and our doctor eventually put her on something to help her tiny tummy. Little did I know, it was more than just reflux! 

Months pass… We move to solids. Right away we rule out bananas, avocados (what, no guac?!) and possible wheat. Ok, that’s easy to handle, right? Well it gets better.  

^^ within minutes of bananas.🍌🍌

At 11 or so months we try cows milk- no go again! Terrible rash and vomiting.  

 Guess what happened when we tried eggs? This time it was worse. We added a terrible cough, vomiting, a horrific rash and very lethargic. It was a very scary moment.  

Ok, it’s not all bad. She’s a very happy and healthy baby but her little body just doesn’t do well with some staples in her diet. 

I am the mom of an allergy baby. It’s not easy. I chose to make everything from scratch because dairy and eggs are in almost everything along with tons of other unnecessary ingredients. I am constantly trying different substitutes for foods. (Non dairy cream cheese- who knew?!) It’s not easy, but you deal with what is handed to you. 😊

I don’t leave Hazel with many people. And when I do…  I am not being over dramatic when I give you my detailed instructions. Im not being controlling when I pack her lunch, drinks and snacks. I’m not being crazy when I also pack her sister the same thing. Sisters share. (Sometimes) So we keep it simple and give them food they can share. If you don’t like our rules… Then don’t watch them! I do this because it’s for her health. Her reactions are scary and very real. It is very difficult to trust others to understand what I go through.

To those who don’t understand.. To those who think I’m crazy.. To those who think I’m just some controlling hippy mom… I’m sorry. Sorta. Try harder. 😏

So, here is my journey, my thoughts, struggles, victories and recipes…

On that note.. She’s a beauty! And she’s a total foody! (Hence the belly!) 

Note: I’m not a dietician. I didn’t study food or nutrition. I simply read ingredients. I also didn’t study English, so if I use a ; or a , wrong deal with it. 😊